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meilleur logiciel de comptabilité en ligne

Stay focused on your goals and effectiveness with Kiwili, the time tracking software for the self-employed, freelancers and small businesses.


Kiwili’s time tracking software allows you to better organize your work schedule and is incredibly simple to use. Adopted by self-employed, freelancers and small businesses from around the world for over 10 years, Kiwili is easy, user-friendly and adapts to all your needs.


Start the online timer to calculate the time spent on a task, track the hours worked on a project, analyze your team’s timesheets, bill your hours, etc. Kiwili has all the tools to manage your busy schedule like a pro and bill every minute spent on a client’s project effortlessly.

100% Online

As a self-employed worker, freelancer or small business, it’s essential to know how to spend your working hours where it is most profitable. With our 100% online time management software, you have a strategic view of your working time and that of your team at any time.

Manage your timesheets

The online timesheet feature makes it easy to manage your work schedule and that of your team.

  • Enter the details of your hours in simple online timesheets.
  • Analyze the time spent on your projects to maximize your efficiency and productivity.
  • Generate timesheet reports.
meilleur logiciel de gestion du temps en ligne
meilleur logiciel de gestion du temps en ligne

Track every minutes

It’s easy to lose track of time when you’re passionate about your job. In order not to make mistakes while entering your time, simply start the online timer so that it calculates every minute worked for you. Then, all you have to do is dive into your projects and forget the rest!

  • Start multiple timers at the same time.
  • Convert the time worked into a time entry.

Analyze your team’s timesheets

With the time management feature, you can quickly analyze the performance and workload of your team.

  • Quickly see your employees time entries, according to the period of your choice.
  • Use the time entry geolocation feature to find out where your employees are entering their time from.
  • Edit time entries and close timesheets.
meilleur logiciel de gestion du temps en ligne
meilleur logiciel de gestion du temps en ligne

Easily bill your time

With Kiwili’s online billing feature, it’s easy to charge your customer for every billable minute.

  • Convert your time entries into an invoice.
  • Get paid directly online.

Secure your data

At Kiwili, we take the privacy and security of your data seriously. Maximum data security measures are taken to ensure that your information is saved securely.

Data centers under high protection

Activity in the data centers is monitored and recorded on highly secure servers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Fire risk management

Strict respect of the most stringent standards. Our suppliers comply with the APSAD R4 rule for the installation of portable and mobile fire extinguishers, and have the N4 certificate of conformity for all their data centers.

Confidentiality of information

Highly confidential hosting infrastructure with strictly regulated access.

Anti-DDoS protection

Kiwili integrates protection against all types of DDoS attacks into its dedicated hosting service. We have implemented nine anti-DDoS infrastructures with a capacity of 6x600Gps + 1x 240Gbps + 2x120Gbps.

Manage your time from everywhere

Whether it be in the office, at home or on the go, Kiwili’s time management software is accessible from everywhere.

100% online (desktop, Mac, PC, mobile, tablets). Optimized version for mobile platforms (Apple iOS, Android OS, Windows).

The Perfect Online Time Management software if you are

Manager of a small business

Powerful, intuitive and user-friendly, our time tracking software has been designed to meet the needs of small businesses and their teams. Kiwili’s time management software helps you and your team gain productivity and efficiency every day. Everything you need from online time tracking software, Kiwili has it. Organize your schedule, track employee timesheets, optimize your team’s workload, track every hour worked on a project, and much more. Do you spend too much time on tasks that aren’t profitable for your business? Now you will know thanks to Kiwili.

Self-employed or Solopreneur

Whether you’re working 4 or 70 hours a week, Kiwili’s easy and simple time management software allows you to manage your time like a breeze and to be productive. As a self-employed worker or freelancer you have so much to accomplish that you have to organize your time wisely. With Kiwili, you can enter the hours worked on each task, easily analyze how you spend your time so you can draw conclusions and optimize your schedule. Be the boss of your work schedule and save valuable time with Kiwili’s time tracking software!

Kiwili is more than just a time management software.


Create professional invoices and get paid online effortlessly and safely.

Project Management

Bring your projects to the top efficiently and get organized with Kiwili’s agile project management feature.


Switch from prospect to satisfied customer with Kiwili’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management).


Forget about Excel and crazy calculations! Use Kiwili to ensure the financial health of your small business.


Create professional estimates for your services and send them directly from the software.


The many reports from Kiwili will help you to make informed business decisions at any time.


  • Marketing, Communications & Advertising
  • Consulting
  • Professional services
  • Creative Services & Small Agencies
  • Construction
  • Information technology (IT)
  • Software and web applications
  • Architecture
  • Arts

  • Administration & finance
  • Photography & video
  • etc.


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