Kiwili’s Accounting + Option 


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meilleur logiciel de comptabilité en ligne

Doing your accounting from A to Z without hassle is possible with the Kiwili Accounting + Option

 “Accounting + fits perfectly with the needs of our company, what a nice addition to Kiwili!“

Gabriel Lavoie, Web Agency Owner

Automated Accounting

Simply bill your customers and enter your expenses, Kiwili will automatically generate journal entries, update financial statements and trial balance. Yes, it’s that easy!

Easy and Poweful

Designed for beginners (and experts) in accounting, the Accounting + Option is both powerful and simple to master. Set the module up and let it do the math and generate your reports for you.

100% Online Accounting

Always have your reports and accounting data at your fingertips, no matter where you are. Kiwili’s Accounting + is accessible 100% online, so you can stay on top of your finances at any time.

An easy and intuitive solution

Give up Excel for your business accounting, it’s time to professionalize your accounting management! Kiwili’s Accounting + Option performs the calculations for you, automates your accounting operations, secures your data online and reduces the risk of error.

Whether you are a finance expert or not, Kiwili makes accounting accessible and affordable, and meets the needs of self-employed, small businesses and SMEs.

Available as an add-on to your Kiwili plan, the cloud Accounting + Option is the solution you need to keep your finances in order.

meilleur logiciel de comptabilité en ligne

Features of the Accounting + Option 


All the functions needed to manage your business accounting properly and save time.


Categorization of inflows and outflows of money into classes.

General Journal

Recording of all economic transactions during a period.

General Ledger

Grouping of the account classes that were used by the company.

Bank Reconciliation

Process that ensures the bank statements and records are correct.


Entering employees’ payroll amounts in the general journal.


Creation of checks to suppliers and book entry automation.

Trial Balance

Report that indicates the debit and credit balances of all accounts.

Income Statement

Financial statement that indicates the revenues and expenses.

Balance Sheet

Financial statement that indicates assets, liabilities and equity.

Take advantage of our billing and expense management features included in all our Kiwili plans.

Accounting + Benefits

Accounting automation

Simply bill your customers and enter your expenses, Kiwili will automatically generate journal entries, update financial statements and trial balance. Yes, it’s that easy!

Save time and effort

Enter your accounting data (invoices, expenses and payments) into one software, rather than many. This will save you from losing hours each month retranscribing your data in third-party software.

Simple to use

Our option makes accounting easy and accessible for everyone. Whether you have a degree in accounting or not, you will find the tool easy to use. Once configured, it does (almost) all the work for you.

Safe and reliable

The Accounting + Option secures your sensitive data online. We use the lastest technologies in terms of data protection. Updates are done regularly to ensure the product is always evolving.


Available in addition to all our paid plans, starting at $24.95 / month.


Why get the Accounting + Option ?

  • Manage your entire accounting by yourself easily and efficiently.
  • Enter your data in one software and save valuable time.
  • Integrates with Kiwili software and all its management features (billing, estimates, CRM, projects, timesheets, etc.).

Registration and Trial

New users: How to test the accounting + Option for free?

Sign up to Kiwili’s free 14-day trial and get access to all our features (including Accounting +).


Current Users: How to add Accounting + to your subscription?

For Kiwili users with a Standard, Pro or Business plan, go to the “Plan” section under “Settings”. Then click on “Add” to the right of “Accounting +”.

They use Accounting + (And they love it!)

“Congratulations for the new advanced accounting features! It’s really convenient to be able to manage my projects, my hours, bill my clients and do my accounting in one single software. “

Marise Dubois

“My accountant and I really appreciate Kiwili’s accounting + option. We find it intuitive and it was fast enough to learn how to use it. Now we can’t do without it. “

Alexandra Payette

“It’s really great to be able to manage my entire business directly from Kiwili. Even though I am quite a beginner in accounting, I managed to understand Accounting + quickly. “

Daniel Préfontaine

“It’s been a long time since I wanted to do my bank reconciliation with Kiwili. I am very happy that you are now offering this feature (and even more)! Really complete and up to my expectations. “

Lisa Adams

“Simple and functional, I found all the features I needed in Accounting +. The automation of financial statements and reports is super convenient and it saves me valuable time. “

Luis Castro

“I initially configured Accounting + with my accountant and now it generates all the reports I need for my year-end closing in a few clicks. A real saving of time and energy. “

Eric Wang


  • Marketing, Communications & Advertising
  • Consulting
  • Professional services
  • Creative Services & Small Agencies
  • Construction
  • Information technology (IT)
  • Software and web applications
  • Architecture
  • Arts

  • Administration & finance
  • Photography & video
  • etc.


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