Kiwili is an all-in-one online accounting and management software designed specifically with the self-employed and businesses in mind. Originally developed by the team from Onyris, a web agency, as an internal tool to help manage the company, the project unexpectedly drew interest from far and wide.

Created by and for entrepreneurs, Kiwili has evolved as a direct response to business needs, providing a software combining all the essential tools for accounting and business management :

  • Accounting : Monitor your income and expenses with precision. Once your account has been set up, each of your payments and invoices will be directly incorporated to your balance sheet.
  • Invoices and Estimates : Manage your client relationships with ease and professionalism. You can even choose which taxes to apply according to your location.
  • Project and Task Management : Use our simple and intuitive interface, which allows each user to assign themselves to a particular project and facilitates collaboration by integrating shared documents.
  • Time Management Tool : Charge for your services correctly and efficiently monitor your work and that of your colleagues on specific tasks.
  • Integrated CRM System : Manage client relationships with simplicity through a dedicated customer area and tools specifically designed for collaboration (client records, file sharing, messaging, etc.).

These core features are the foundations that form Kiwili, helping you to be more efficient and save precious time. No more getting lost in your accounts or spending hours transferring data across several platforms. Kiwili provides everything you need to manage your business successfully in just one online software that can be accessed from anywhere, all you need is an internet connection. 

At Kiwili, we have three different packages available depending on the type of work you do and your needs : Standard, Pro and Business. Depending on the type of package you choose, different tools are included to deepen your understanding and control of your business. To help you make your decision, we have summarized the main advantages of our three packages for you.

In any case, we offer a completely free 14 day trial of all our packages, including the Business package, allowing you to discover first hand the scope of possibilities Kiwili offers, giving you peace of mind that it’s the right tool for you and your business. 



Kiwili’s Standard Package

Use Kiwili to find your feet in the business world. The standard package allows you to issue as many invoices and quotes as you like. There is no limit on income and expense entries either, which allows you to use Kiwili day-to-day as your business continues to grow. The standard package is the ideal solution for keeping your company in good financial health and sending invoices and estimates with ease. 



Kiwili’s strength lies in making all of these documents really easy to read, allowing you to sort them according to their status (draft, sent, read, charged, cancelled, etc.), and above all to see an overview of all your data automatically presented in various tables and reports. This makes it easier for you to keep a close eye on your accounts and broaden your understanding of your work. 


Additionally, you will benefit from a brand new feature : File sharing. With 1GB of storage, you can store company documents (contracts, presentation documents, photos) in our secure space and access them from anywhere, all you need is an internet connection and browser. 

Our team will be there to support you along the way through our online help service, making sure your adventure with Kiwili goes smoothly. 

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Kiwili’s Pro Package

Access all of Kiwili’s core benefits and take your business management to the next level. With the Pro Package, you can work with an unlimited number of projects, clients and suppliers.

Project management is reinforced by task organization, which assigns people to specific tasks, and time management, which allows you to allocate a number of hours for each project. This greatly simplifies a project’s readability internally.


With 5GB of storage space which can be accessed online from anywhere, task organization is very practical when it comes to the daily management of your business. It allows you to share project documentation with your colleagues, track a project’s progress, or even attach receipts directly to expense entries. 

Kiwili allows you to convert your quotes into projects with ease. Coupled with project and accounts monitoring, you can also create a project, calculate its profitability, and over time optimize the quality of your services.



As an entrepreneur, implementing an account and business management software will help you considerably when declaring your taxes at the end of the year, as all the information you need is already compiled and pre-processed (not forgetting that you can check on your company’s financial health at any time in just one glance). As for the business analysis function, with it you can create pivot tables in order to analyze the revenue and expenses of your small business or SME more closely. 

A number of reports will also be of use when working with your accountant. Here are some examples :


Kiwili Pro allows for one user account. This package works well for small businesses with few employees, but also for those who are self-employed and wish to share their data with their accountant, partner(s) or colleague(s).

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Kiwili’s Business Package

Kiwili is the ideal all-in-one tool to manage all aspects of your business using a single software. The Business Package has all of the features of the Pro version, complemented by some extras tailored more specifically to small businesses and SMEs. Permitting up to 10 users and with 50GB of file sharing per account, this version is best suited for companies seeking to grow alongside their team.

No more endless switching back and forth between different platforms, converting document types and ending up with scrambled files and unnecessary duplicates. Kiwili’s strong point is combining all of the tools needed for business and accounts management in one single location, a simple internet browser!  

Projects, CRM, invoices, quotes, accounting, and much more! Kiwili is a comprehensive tool which once set up will help you to save huge amounts of time and money.

The numerous reports will help you to monitor and understand the activity of your business. With the Business package, budget tracking is enhanced and will help you to monitor things more closely and take control of your company’s accounting. The advanced accounting reports complement this approach by allowing you to visualize the financial state of your company with clarity.


Stock management comes into force to simplify the management of your company’s activity. In fact, once an invoice has been validated, this data is automatically entered into the software and you can monitor the inventory of your stocks in real time, without having to intervene manually.

This package also gives you access to the customer area, an extranet which allows you to easily manage your client relationships.



Our telephone helpline and advisors are here to support you if you have any difficulties using our software, and we also offer a training service as well as numerous tutorials to aid you and your colleagues in the management of your company.

With Kiwili’s Business package, there is also the option of developing custom built modules with our team, to meet your individual needs.

The Business package will truly help you to accelerate and reinforce the development of your business. 

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Advanced Accounting Module

On top of the packages described above, Kiwili also offers an additional advanced accounting module. This module includes all of the necessary tools to take charge of your accounting, even if you’re not a pro with numbers:



Using An Online Management and Accounting Software

We believe that our free trial speaks for itself, so please try out Kiwili today. Free for 14 days with no strings attached, discover first hand what an online management and accounting software is and all the advantages it can bring to your small business or SME. Our packages are available to all entrepreneurs, whatever their industry. If you’re still undecided, you might want to check out the other posts on our blog and we are currently producing a market comparison of management and accounting software. Check back soon for more guidance in choosing the best accounting and management partner for your small business or SME.

With Kiwili, the time saved and problems avoided though automating recurrent tasks will help you grow your business at a steady pace. Now you have all the information you need to make your decision, take the leap and try out Kiwili for free today

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Kiwili is an all-in-one business management software. It is at the same time an easy invoicing software, an accounting software, a CRM, a convenient project management tool and a time tracking software. Everything you need to manage your business like a pro!