Find out what our customers are saying about Kiwili

Kiwili recently completed a user satisfaction survey. Here are some of the reviews and testimonials about Kiwili.

“Congratulations on your excellent work! It’s always a pleasure to interact with your team members. Your customer service is impeccable.”

Chantale Charbonneau

Harieka Groupe Conseil

“I have been using Kiwili for 3 years and I love it! I find you very proactive in the development and updating / adaptation of the system to make it more complete, more efficient, and I appreciate that greatly.”

Mélissa Lapierre

Communication Futée

“I appreciate the simplicity of the interface and the ergonomics. It’s designed to save time and do things easily.”

Dominic Belhumeur

Belhumeur Stratégies d’affaires

“Thank you very much for this great software and congratulations for your outstanding customer service!”

Nathalie Champoux

Les mordus de la langue

“I love Kiwili; he has changed my life, I still wonder after all these years how I could work without it! I highly recommend Kiwili to everyone.”

Hélène Lamoureux

La marchande de mots

“I appreciate the simplicity of the interface and the efficiency of your customer service. Thank you for your services and your proactivity!”

Isabelle Marquis

Food & Health Marketing Advisor

“I chose Kiwili first because it’s a company based in Montreal. I appreciate the ease of use!”

Danielle Desjardins

La Fabrique de sens

“I like the ease of use, it saves me a lot of time on my project management. Congratulations for your work and your improvements, it’s always appreciated.”

Marie-Eve Matte

Mangue vitaminée communications

“I appreciate Kiwili’s interface of Kiwili, I like how it is simple but everything is there. I save a lot of time with Kiwili. I like that it’s online and safe.”

Dany Boucher

Atelier Dan Électronique

“I appreciate the speed and professionalism of the customer service. I also like the flexibility of some features. I’m very happy to be able to support a company from Canada. 🙂 ”

Isabelle Proulx

ADN Ressources Humaines

“I am a big fan ! Speed ​​of response and customer service are second to none.”

Nancy Perron

Fellice Stratégies Humaines

“I love your software and if my company grows, I know that the different plans will continue to meet my needs. Thank you for your great work!”

Isabelle Letellier

Harmonie Architecture