Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is online support ?

All paid packages and trial users are entitled to online support. It allows you to contact us live from the application and get quick answers from our client service. Simply click on the green bubble at the bottom right of your screen.

Do you offer accounting assistance ?

At this time, we only provide an accounting tool and not yet an accounting service. We are working hard to set up such a service, but we are not in a position to give an opening date at the moment.

We are not in a position to give you any advice regarding the management of your business, but your accountant should be able to suggest the most appropriate solution for your situation.

However, we will be happy to explain to you how to enter your information in Kiwili and assist you in using our all-in-one management software.

Do you offer implementation services ?

We offer private remote training, so that our management software has no secrets for you.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Can I import data from other software ?

Here is the list of items that you can import into Kiwili, from files in XLSX or CSV format:







Expense items






Purchase orders


Manual journal entries

Accounting chart

If you need help to import your data into Kiwili, please consult our tutorial article.

Can you develop custom features ?

Kiwili is a complete software, but it is not impossible that you are missing THE feature you absolutely need. If you wish, we offer custom service that we charge by the hour.

One of our programmers can analyze your suggestion and see how we can develop that custom feature. Note that we can easily adapt your budget to your needs.

What languages do you support ?

Kiwili offers a complete interface in French and English. The language can be defined according to the user. It also integrates Spanish when sending messages (invoices, estimates, messages, etc.)

What is the purpose of an estimate ?

An estimate is used to evaluate a given job and estimate its cost. Some companies call it a quote, estimate or evaluation. It is a business proposal made to your client, which will remain valid until the client decides whether or not to accept it.

A signed estimate is a commitment between the two parties.

What is the purpose of the chart of accounts and the accounting codes ?

The chart of accounts is the model that will be used to classify all of your company’s transactions into specific categories. It defines all the accounting codes that will be used by the company to assign its accounting entries (expenses, income, etc.) to the right accounts.

Kiwili will use the accounting codes that you have defined to group these accounting entries and facilitate the analysis of your company’s activity. It is therefore important to use the right accounting codes when you create your services/products or when you enter an expense for example. We advise you to be well informed and to set up your Kiwili account with your accountant to guarantee a healthy accounting.

We propose accounting chart models from Configuration > “Accounting chart” > Importing accounting codes.

Can I delete invoices, payments or expenses ?

The Kiwili management software does not allow you to delete invoices, payments and expenses that are no longer in “Draft” status. This is in order to respect the accounting rules in force.

Note that you can still cancel your invoices, payments and expenses. This action will reverse the accounting entries.


How do I change my invoice to "Paid" status ?

In Kiwili, an invoice is considered paid if a payment has been assigned to it. To do so, you just have to click on the payment button in the invoice and fill in the information requested.

How do I add my logo to invoices and estimates ?

To add your logo, go to the Configuration > “Company Profile” section and click the “Select” button to browse the files on your workstation.

You will be able to change its layout in the Configuration > “Global template” section.

Can I format the text of an invoice (bold, italic, etc.) ?

Kiwili allows you to modify the text formatting on your documents.

Simply insert the word you want to format between these symbols:



| italic |



For example: Cup | Green color |

Why does it say draft on my invoice ?

You will see “DRAFT” because your invoice is still in draft form. This prevents you from sending a draft invoice by mistake.

This mention will disappear when you change your invoice to “issued” status.

How to make a credit on an invoice ?

Here is the procedure for applying a credit to an invoice:

  • Duplicate the invoice you wish to credit.
  • Apply negative values to each of the prices.
  • Your invoice will have the same negative total as the previous one, so you can now send it to your client.
How to make a payment in several currencies ?

Multi-currency payment is done automatically. Simply send your invoice in the currency of your choice, and receive your payment online via Paypal or Stripe.


How do I add or change a client's tax profile ?

You can choose the tax profile that will be applied directly in the client’s file. In the Client file, click on “Taxes” and select the corresponding profile.

If you have not yet created a tax profile, you can go to Configuration > “Taxes” (in the Accounting section) and click on the Add a tax profile button on the top left.

How are the taxes calculated in Kiwili ?

Two ways of calculating taxes are accepted by accounting practices:

– Calculate taxes on the total invoice.

– Calculate the taxes on each item of the invoice.

Kiwili uses the second option, because it allows to sell in the same invoice several products that are taxed and not taxed.

Also note that many of Kiwili’s clients work in the cultural sector where some products are sometimes taxed with different rates, which implies a line by line calculation.

Rounding should only affect the total of your invoices slightly and your client can easily make an adjusting entry to adjust the amount.

I can't change my taxes, what should I do ?

Once taxes have been used in an estimate, an invoice or an expense, they can no longer be modified.

If the current value of the default taxes is not the one you want to use, then we recommend you to do the following:

  1. Create a new tax profile from the configuration.
  2. Associate this profile with all your clients, open all their estimates or invoices, accept the tax update and save.
  3. Once all estimates, invoices and expenses are modified, you can then change the default taxes.
  4. Then, do the reverse to reset the default taxes on the invoices, estimates and expenses.
  5. Finally, delete the tax profile you created for this operation.

Client Relation

I have a list of clients, how do I import them ?

If you already have a list of clients in an XLSX or CSV file, Kiwili allows you to import them directly so that you don’t have to copy this information by hand.

You must go to the “Clients” or “Suppliers” tab and import your file. Then you must do the same thing to import your contacts.

For more information on importing data into Kiwili you can refer to our tutorial article.

How do you move a business from prospect to client ?

Kiwili will automatically adjust the status of a company according to whether or not an invoice has been issued for it. Similarly, a company will be considered as a supplier if at least one expense has been assigned to it.

How to manage the client opening balance ?

To create an opening balance for a client, you must create an invoice with a date prior to the beginning of the current fiscal year. This invoice must reflect the balance due from the client. It will be used to track accounts receivable and to charge payments received during the current fiscal year.

Note that this invoice will not be accounted for in the Kiwili accounting module since it has a date prior to the beginning of your fiscal year.

I want to send a statement to my clients. How do I do this ?

From the Reports tab, select the “Accounts Receivable” report. You will be able to send all your statements using the button for that purpose.

In addition, you can view each statement and send them individually.

Time Management

How do I enter and track my employees hours ?

To enter an employee’s hours, you must go to the “Time Management” page from the Time section, then select the employee in the “View Hours from..” box. The time will then be added for that employee.

To see the number of hours done on a project, you can go to the project itself, under the “Hours” tab. In the Reports section, you will also find several reports presenting this information in different ways, such as Hours Worked.

How to cancel the closing of a timesheet ?

To cancel the closing of a timesheet, you have to modify the closing date of a timesheet. To do this, you just have to go to Configuration (top right) > “Users” and then select the concerned user or your profile.

Once selected, you have to choose a date before the cancellation of your timesheet to be able to interact with it in the box Closing date of the timesheet.

Can we enter the payroll in Kiwili ?

You can find all the details about payroll in our article on payroll management.

Emails and documents sent from Kiwili end up in my client's SPAM folder, why ?

We have worked hard on the “reputation” of our server to avoid this type of problem. Yet, even if it is exemplary, it happens that messages are considered as spam, while in other cases there will be no problem.

It is the client’s Internet service provider that receives the message that will define it as spam. We can’t do anything about it, but you can ask your client to allow Kiwili as a safe sender.


How to subscribe to Kiwili ?

To subscribe to Kiwili, simply sign up for our trial period and subscribe from your account. The procedure is simple:

  • Click on “Configuration” (top right of your screen)
  • Go to the Plan section
  • Choose the plan you want
How do I change my subscription ?

You can change your plan at any time, from the Configuration tab > “Plans”.

If you want to switch to a lower plan, please note that you will have to respect the functionalities restrictions of your new plan.

You will not be able to switch to the Standard plan if you use the project management feature of the Pro plan for example.

Why use the advanced accounting module ?

The accounting module is an addition to the current plan and replaces the purchase of a second accounting software to do your accounting. Doing your invoicing, managing your projects, your time, your accounting and much more in one all-in-one software is really an advantage. It saves you a lot of time, energy and money, since you don’t have to enter your data in several software.

This module mainly allows you to :

Do your bank reconciliation

Issue cheques

Make journal entries

Output the list of the company’s exchange operations (general journal)

Output your general ledger

Outputting your income statements

Output your balance sheet

Create financial years

Separate your chart of accounts by categories

You must have a paying account to subscribe to the advanced accounting module.

Where are the invoices for my Kiwili subscription ?

Your Kiwili invoices are available in the Configuration section under the heading “Direct debit history”.

I sponsored someone but I haven't received my money, what can I do ?

The sponsorship offer is only validated if the sponsored person registers using the personalized web link that the sponsor will have sent him/her. There is no limit to the number of possible referrals.

The referral must sign up for a paid subscription in order for both of you to receive your credit.

Is it possible to reset my account ?

It is not possible to “reset your account”. You can delete :

  • Clients and suppliers (if they are not associated with invoices or expenses)
  • invoices, payments and expenses in draft status

You can cancel :

  • invoices, payments and expenses. This action will reverse the accounting entries.

You can archive and deactivate :

  • Projects and tasks
  • Clients and suppliers
How do I unsubscribe ?

We do not have control over subscription cancellations. Our system is automated and requires your intervention to guarantee its security.

You have to do it yourself by going to Configuration > ” Plans” and then clicking on Unsubscribe and close your Kiwili account.